Bagged Program

Providing retailers with custom bag packaging options
Poly Bag Chile Program

Oakes Farms has many offerings and combo packs for our Poly Bag Chile Program. If there is a specific combination you would like that we don’t offer, we absolutely can customize it to suit your needs. The mixed combination poly bag program offers an excellent opportunity for Produce Managers to stand behind promoting diversity and variety with minimal shrinkage and faster turns at store level, in addition to teaching your customer how to prepare and serve each item.

Straight Commodity Combinations

  • 12-10oz Jalapeno
  • 12-14oz Mixed Chile (Fresno, Serrano, Caribe)
  • 12-4oz Habanero
  • 12-10oz Shishito
  • 12-10oz Hungarian Wax
  • 12-10oz Red Fresno

  • 12-12oz Serrano
  • 12-16oz Cubanelle
  • 12-24oz Cubanelle
  • 12-20oz Poblano
  • 12-20oz Hungarian Wax
  • 12-16oz Tomatillo

Mixed Combinations

  • Combo A.) 6-10oz Jalapeno, 6-4oz Habanero
  • Combo B.) 6-10oz Jalapeno, 6-12oz Serrano
  • Combo C.) 6-10oz Jalapeno, 6-14oz Mixed Chile
  • Combo D.) 6-10oz Jalapeno, 3-10oz Shishito, 3-14oz Mixed Chile
  • Combo E.) 3-10oz Jalapeno, 3-10oz Shishito, 3-14oz Mixed Chile, 3-4oz Habanero
  • Combo F.) 6-14oz Mixed Chile, 6-12oz Serrano
  • Combo G.) 6-14oz Mixed Chile, 3-12oz Serrano, 3-4oz Habanero
  • Combo H.) 6-14oz Mixed Chile, 6-4oz Habanero
  • Combo I.) 3-14oz Mixed Chile, 3-10oz Jalapeno, 3-4oz Habanero, 3-10oz Hungarian Wax
  • Combo J.) 6-10oz Shishito, 6-10oz Hungarian Wax
  • Combo K.) 6-10oz Shishito, 6-4oz Habanero
  • Combo L.) 6-10oz Shishito, 3-14oz Mixed Chile, 3-12oz Serrano

  • Combo M.) 6-12oz Serrano, 6-4oz Habanero
  • Combo N.) 6-12oz Serrano, 6-10oz Shishito
  • Combo O.) 6-12oz Serrano, 6-10oz Fresno
  • Combo P.) 6-20oz Poblano,6-16oz Cubanelle
  • Combo Q.) 6-20oz Poblano, 6-24oz Cubanelle
  • Combo R.) 6-20oz Poblano, 6-20oz Hungarian Wax
  • Combo S.) 6-4oz Habanero, 3-12oz Serrano, 3-10oz Fresno
  • Combo T.) 6-10oz Fresno Red, 6-10oz Fresno Mixed Colors
  • Combo U.) 6-10oz Hungarian Wax, 6-10oz Fresno Red
  • Combo V.) 6-10oz Hungarian Wax, 6-16oz Cubanelle
  • Combo W.) 6-10oz Hungarian Wax, 6-4oz Habanero
  • Combo X.) 3-10oz Hungarian Wax, 3-4oz Habanero, 3-10oz Fresno