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Grower Packer Shipper

The Grower•Packer•Shipper division of Oakes Farms currently operates out of five industrial buildings that encompass over 138,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art facilities located in Eastern Collier County.

This arm of the company manages multiple crop cycles of 45 commodities on 1,400+ acres of conventional farmland. It also oversees several packing houses that pack and manufacture over 475 custom packing containers, a fleet of 37 temperature-controlled semi-trucks, and over 1,000 independent truck drivers that deliver hundreds of farm-grown commodities between distribution points across the United States.

Growing & Farming

Oakes Farms plants, grows and harvests 105 fruits and vegetables on 2,700+ acres of farmland, and collaborates with regulated growers on all continents to negotiate your year-round produce fulfillment orders. Read more about our farms HERE.

What We Grow

As part of its growing agribusiness model, Oakes Farms intends to add new produce items to its harvest schedule based on customer interest, quality controls, and resale viability. While new items will always be explored and introduced, Oakes Farms is committed to keeping 105 fruits and vegetables on its harvest roster each year. Discover more about Oakes Farms commodities in the dropdown menu under Grower • Packer • Shipper above.

Custom Packaging

Whether you need a box or a bushel, Oakes Farms will design and pack orders based on any custom package specifications. The level of customization extends to commodity size, variety and harvest status. Check out all our packaging options in the dropdown menu under Grower • Packer • Shipper above.


Beyond a fleet of 37 trucks that originate from our distribution center in South Florida, Oakes Farms provides trucking delivery coordination services between farms and grocers across the U.S.  For information or to become a trucking partner, contact Matthew Tanner, Seed 2 Table Logistics Director, at (239) 227.9142.


Take a look inside our packing facilities and shipping operations center in Eastern Collier County.


Oakes Farms’ Grower • Packer • Shipper division is managed by Vice President of Sales and Operations Steve Veneziano.  Connect with other members of our Grower • Packer • Shipper division by following the link below.

Steve Veneziano

239 877 6243