Chef’s Pantry

Oakes Farms Food Service & Distribution division is a direct link between the farmer and the chef. We package and deliver fresh and tasteful food products to thousands of families through our wholesale partners every day. Enjoy one of our many prepared offerings on multiple airlines nationwide.

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Anthony High

President of Food Service

O: 239.263.2502
C: 239.841.4154

Oakes Farms Food Service & Distribution division is overseen by Anthony High, a 25-year veteran of the food service industry. A native of Myrtle Beach, SC, Anthony worked on the retail side of the business before relocating to Naples in 1993 where he opened Olde Naples Produce Company, a boutique distributor.

His knowledge of the local produce industry and close ties with many chefs, grocers and buyers made him the perfect choice to head up Oakes Farms’ new food service division in 2013.

Under Anthony’s direction, the sales team at Oakes Farms Food Service & Distribution believes the best way to connect kitchens in restaurants, country clubs, hotels and schools to quality food products is with value and excellent customer service.

Bill Brittenham

Vice President of Food Service

O: 239.263.2502
C: 239.961.6868

A native of Southwest Florida, Bill Brittenham is in charge of buying and selling. Bill’s 35-year career experience in the Florida produce industry is incomparable as he has spent his life entrenched in all matters affecting the retail, commercial and institutional food service markets.

From his beginnings as a buyer for Cape Coral Produce to his hands-one management of Alfie Oakes’ first packing house, he understands all aspects of the Seed to Table process.

As VP, Bill is directly involved in procuring the division’s inventory of over 400 commodities from producers across America and in many foreign countries.

Carmello Granato

VP of Sales

O: 239.263.2502
C: 239.206.6090

Glen Garritson

Sales, Naples & Bonita

O: 239.263.2502
C: 239.776.2395

Bill Sidoti

Sales, Ft Meyers/ Cape Coral

O: 239.263.2502
C: 239.293.7616

Frank Liberoni

Sales, Sarasota

O: 239.263.2502

Karla Bandus

Sales, Sanibel

O: 239.263.2502
C: 239.572.2420

Dave Bedford

Warehouse Manager

O: 239.263.2502
C: 239-300-8874

Jeff Brannick

Warehouse Manager

O: 239.263.2502

Mel Rivas

Inventory/Quality Control

O: 239.263.2502

George Pappas


O: 239.263.2502
C: 239-940-1443

Brenton Weaver


O: 239.263.2502

Josh Brittanham

Fleet Manager

O: 239.263.2502

Barbara Kelley

Accounts Receivable

O: 239.263.2502

Ashleigh Brittenham

Customer Service Manager

O: 239.263.2502

Jessica Ochoa

Accounts Payable

O: 239.263.2502

Jackie Marrero

Customer Service

O: 239.263.2502

Sharon Brittenham

School Liaison

O: 239.263.2502

Justin Spencer

Specialty Product Buyer

O: 239.263.2502

Carol Setting

Customer Service

O: 239.263.2502

Jackie Pelton

Accounts Receivable Assistant

O: 239.263.2502

Paul Naso

Procurement Specialist

O: 239.263.2502

Eric Oakes

Retail Specialist

O: 239.263.2502


4206 Mercantile Avenue Naples, FL 34104


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