Our Story

An independent agribusiness operation

A promise to support friends and neighbors in their pursuit to live healthy lives

Oakes Farms is one of the largest independently owned agribusiness operations in South Florida. Headquartered in Collier County, Florida, Oakes Farms maintains a diversified portfolio of services that reach a global market and include farming, packing, shipping, retail markets and food service and seafood distribution.

Our business was founded on a promise to support friends and neighbors in their pursuit to live healthy lives. This has been – and continues to be – our motivation during every customer connection.

Meet Alfie Oakes

Born with soil running through his veins, Alfie Oakes loves to farm. As a young boy, he loitered in the fields to watch the local farmers labor. And during his pre-teen years, spent pre-dawn mornings helping his father, Frank Oakes, ready the family’s small produce stand.

By the time Alfie Oakes graduated high school, he was brokering wholesale deals and harvesting his own crops. Over the next 15 years, he never lost focus on the brokerage side of his business while also buying more farmland, and expanding into the retail grocery business.

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Our History

The Oakes Farms story sprouted from tragedy in the 1930s when great-grandpa William Oakes lost his leg and ultimately died during a collision between a large boat and a bridge in St. Georges. State reparations for Ma Oakes and her children came in the form of a new house at the foot of a newly constructed replacement bridge.

But it was 11-year old Banny Oakes who stepped forward to support the family by selling produce at the foot of the bridge to travelers crossing it.

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