M. D’Ottavio Produce Partnership Continues to Flourish

M. D’Ottavio Produce Partnership Continues to Flourish

IMG_0202Oakes Farms Produce partnership with M.D’ottavio continues to blossom. Steve Veneziano, vice president of Oakes Farms, attributes this success to the quality and grade of the product that Oakes Farms constantly produces. This quality assurance allows retailers the ability to promote commodities such as chili peppers with confidence.

The rapid growth of Oakes Farms has come with the need for more refrigeration to accommodate 8 new loading docks as well as a giant staging area. This space will allow for greater ease of loading and speed. All of these changes have lead to the need for a larger sales staff to keep up with demand and customer service. Despite its ongoing rapid growth, Veneziano noted that Oakes Farms and its partners all agree that quality and service must never be secondary.

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