The birth of our Seed to Table agribusiness model starts here

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Growing & Farming

Oakes Farms operates its growing and farming divisions in a manner that respects the long-term health and well-being of the environment, the land, our partners and the community.

For this reason, we created the “Seed to Table” concept, which illustrates the company’s innovative agribusiness model. This naturally ideal and proprietary process starts its journey in our fields, farms, nurseries and greenhouses located in South Central Florida and ends in retail markets and commercial kitchens across the country.


Oakes Farms’ field locations in South Florida enjoy nearly year round growth and harvest activity. In Delaware, our fields yield seasonally with alternative reliance on controlled nursery methods, when necessary.


Oakes Farms’ greenhouse farming is a versatile tool in the company’s overall agribusiness portfolio as our farmers can narrow or extend the harvest season of many fruits and vegetables.


Several large, computer-regulated aquaponic containers help Oakes Farms raise tilapia and shrimp. This system allows us to control all stages of operations with methods that mimic an ideal climate and environment.

We employ drip irrigation for optimal water conservation, GPS navigation for distribution of pest control and fertilizers, advanced filtration for pH stabilization, and a severe weather preparedness action plan to anticipate and initiate control systems in an effort to avoid threats that may disturb, damage or destroy our commodities.


Oakes Farms cultivates many varieties of fruits and vegetables on over 1,800 acres of conventional farmland and over 20 acres of certified organic fields including:

Green Bell Pepper, Eggplant, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Yellow Straightneck Squash, Vine Ripe Round Tomatoes, Gas Green Tomatoes, Grape Tomatoes…


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Oakes Farms’ Farming division is overseen by Production Coordinator Chris Lee and Owner Alfie Oakes.

Alfie Oakes