What is Seed to Table?

Seed to Table connects locally grown produce with customers seeking
fresh and nutritious solutions

What is Seed to Table?

Employing local people keeps money in
the local economy.

What is Seed To Table?

The benefit of being a Seed to Table partner is the truth in
knowing the product you serve is always fresh.

What is Seed to Table?

The Seed to Table concept is alive and being enjoyed in many
schools, markets, restaurants, and kitchens.


Oakes Farms News

New Paking House-a

South Florida’s Oakes Farms expands acreage

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The Oakes Farms Story

The Oakes Farms story sprouted from tragedy in the 1930s when great-grandpa William Oakes lost his leg and ultimately died when a large boat slammed into a bridge in St. Georges. State reparations for Ma Oakes and her children came in the form of a new house at the foot of a newly constructed replacement bridge. But it was 11-year old Banny Oakes who stepped forward to support the family and sold produce at the foot of the bridge to travelers crossing it.

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