Owner: Alfie Oakes - 239 229 1645     |     Buying / Sales: Steve - 239 877 6243    |     Retail: Eric - 239 732 0144   |     Food Service: Anthony - 239 841 4154


A vertically integrated family of companies that includes greenhouses, farming, packing house and repack facility, transportation, processing plant, food service distribution and retail stores in Delaware and Florida.


We're in partnership with over 1000 acres of conventional farmland in SW Florida and operate a one acre greenhouse in Naples.
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Food Service

Our Primus Certified Distribution Center has 400+ produce commodities at all times which we can custom pack to fit your needs.
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Packing & Shipping

Our packhouse provides a 42,000 square foot facility equipped with two packing lines and multi-temperature zone coolers.
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Oakes Farms Story

The legacy of Oakes Farms began in 1976 when Frank Oakes opened a small produce stand off Highway 31 in East Ft. Myers. Frank and his family ran the store for 10 years before Frank relocated to Naples where he opened several open air produce markets. Meanwhile, Frank’s son Alfie opened a wholesale produce business in Immokalee and began farming in Charlotte County until a debilitating frost in 1989 destroyed his crops.

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